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Client Testimonials

A few years ago I was in a bad situation where my dog bit my neighbor and she of course sued me. I had a really hard time finding a lawyer to represent me. Emotionally I was starting to hit rock bottom but a friend of my husband mentioned that he knew some really great lawyer and to give him a call. I had lost hope of finding someone who would represent me in a lawsuit of this kind without having to pay a lot of money and losing an arm and a leg in the process but after my first meeting with Mr. Abrams I was blown away of how kind and understanding he was about my situation. I’m not very familiarized with all those law terms but I felt very relieved after he clearly discussed the whole process with me and patiently explained everything in detail, from day one I could call them and text them any time I had a question and they were always available.

The lawsuit went on for a long time, more than I had hoped and in between all that I lost my job, I was very scared of all the lawyer fees I knew I still had to incur. I explained my new status to Mr. Abrams and his wife and they did not abandon me, they worked around my retainer and I was able to continue with the process till the end. I have no words to thank them for what they did for me and my family and I will always have them in my prayers. Hopefully I will never be in a situation like this again but I would not consider calling anyone else.
They were really God sent!

– Edith

Ivan is a great attorney and a better person. He helped me out after an accident and guided me through the whole process. Professional, informative and reliable; he did an amazing job. Even after the settlement, he worked with the medical offices to bring down my medical bills. Highly recommended.

Thanks, Ivan!

– Matt.E

After being involved in a accident, I was dealing with a great deal of stress and discomfort. Ivan’s knowledge and expertise helped guide me through a very difficult time. Always very responsive and honest throughout my case, and willing to fight as if it was his own. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

– Jonathan.C

Over the past 5 years I have counted on the Ivan Abrams and his team of legal experts for my counsel.

Whether it be business law, contact review, or negotiation strategy their team’s attention to detail and dedication to the winning formula is always there.

As a busy serial entrepreneur with complex business arrangements, I need a legal team that thinks like business executives but guides me through how my decisions will be interpreted under the law.

This is that team, like none other I have found.

Thank you Abrams Justice for your dedicated service.

– Josh.N

I live in California and needed a lawyer in Florida, so I called the state boards. Ivan Abrans was the 1st person I called and could talk to him so easily, and felt very comfortable talking to him. I also felt like I got two Layers for the price of one. Ivan’s wife Isabel was a former attorney who defended insurance companies. They saved a lot of money for me that did not have to be paid towards medical bills.
I would also like to say we became very good friends and its been 3 to 4 years now. Thank- you Ivan and Isabel.

– Judy.O

Ivan is very well recommended, super friendly always easy to contact will do anything he can do resolve your issue. Great guy overall !

– Felix C.

Ivan is amazing. From the beginning he told me what to expect and explain the process step by step and was always available to give me updates in the case and answered my questions.

Excellent service and very professional.
I would highly recommend to anyone!

– Carlos S.

I am very grateful to the Abrams Law Firm. Thanks to them, we have been able to solve many cases successfully. They are competitive, responsible team and their kindness goes beyond the expectations of any person. Not to mention that their work is impeccable and they are organized to be aware of every detail of the cases in order to achieve success. No doubt they have been my lawyers for 4 years, and I would not change the law firm.

– Anna.G

My experience was Ivan and Isabel was exceptional. Unfortunately, I was in a serious accident and came to need their services. I realized immediately that I was fortunate to be working with them. From start to finish, I had a clear understanding of our plan and the steps to be taken. Isabel is the queen of admin, and she verified that all appointments were convenient for me. She also ensured that no one took advantage of me, or made me feel uncomfortable during my exams. There are only two of them working the first, which was amazing because I never had an unanswered phone call, text, or email. Again, they made the process very smooth and easy. Through their extensive experience and expertise, I was well prepared with what to expect both from the judge and the other side’s attorney. It was as if they were psychics! In my opinion, one of the most beneficial aspects of this firm is that they are down to earth people, and know how to make a serious situation a little less serious. In the end, they got me a life changing amount of money and I would happily work with them again in the future or recommend them to anyone needing an attorney.

– C.D.

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